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Syötteen sieni ja yrtti

Syötteen sieni ja yrtti Ltd. is a small business established in 2016 with a lifelong passion for mushroom hunting and the bounties of nature. The business produces dried mushrooms and berry powders, and farms garlic for delicious products. We also arrange guided mushroom hunting trips, and classes on natural products. We operate at Syöte, Pudasjärvi, near the wilderness of the national park, on the shore of the beautiful lake Naamankajärvi.

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Murasen Lammas

Murasen Lammas is a small sheep farm at Marikaisjärvi. The business is based on a hobby of raising sheep, and the sheep have been used for landscaping purposes. In 2018, our business began to offer locally produced food items, which is when a greenhouse sheep barn was built for the sheep. In the summer, our sheep still engage in landscaping duties at the Iijoki riverside.



LAromit Inc. processes the organic vegetables and spices farmed by the business owners into high-quality, accessible ingredients. A certain amount of materials are also bought from other organic farms.
As an organic secondary processor, the business operates as sustainably as possible while respecting nature. At the plantations of Livojoki riverside, the silt brought in by the river allows an exquisite sweetness and crunch to develop in the root vegetables and onions grown there.
Tuba Food & Lounge Iso-Syöte and LAromit Inc. collaborate in planning and producing delicious products with the flavors of local nature, utilising both organic syrups made from wild herbs as well as organically grown vegetables and herbs.

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The production of reindeer meat differs a lot when compared to other meat production. Reindeer wander around in nature at their own pace. Reindeer is a semi-wild animal and it feeds of nature’s nutrients. 75 per cent of reindeer about to be slaughtered are born in spring and they have lived their lives completely in the nature.
Porojauru is a small family business which sells and delivers reindeer meat for people and to restaurants – all the way to the Southern Finland! It is important to us that our reindeer feel well. This ensures that the clean and fresh meat that we produce is of the highest quality.

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In Pudasjärvi and Ranua regions we are playfully known as Munataksi, because we deliver fresh eggs straight to our clients’ doorstep!
The chickens on our farm are hybrids from big hen houses. Instead of getting slaughtered, our chickens may live freely until the end of their days. Their eggs are sold according to food regulations.
Our chickens feed on high-quality Finnish GMO-free feed and oats. We give them special treats every now and then which we get from Pudasjärvi’s central kitchen and Neste. They also eat whatever they find on our grounds. Our chickens’ diet is very versatile – as it should be!
Our farm is under salmonella supervision program. The Eggs are sold unsorted, unwashed, and fresh!


Aneen Farmi

We in Ane’s Farm in Anetjärvi Posio raise Holstein cows: in nightless nights, in rainy autumn days, when northern lights illuminate the sky, when nights are freezing, when snow sparkles in the sun and when first flowers of the spring are starting to show themselves. We keep doing the good job for local food with workmanship on every day of the year – like have past generations done before us.

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Our farm is located in Pudasjärvi’s Pärjänsuo. Our main production line is milk production. We are a reasonable sized farm, there’s 17 cows in our barn. Northern Finncattle is one of the three Finnish original cow breeds. It almost got extinct and it’s endangered. We want to contribute to preserving this amazing breed.
Northern Finncattle is quite small, it’s usually white and it has no horns. Its average milk production is half the number of other cattle breeds. We love the perseverance, good health and the curious nature of our cattle – also their beauty is something else! Our appreciation towards this breed has increased, Northern Finncattle’s milk is very special with it’s composition, it has a very large fat percentage.
Our cattle pasture freely long after the summer is over, and we feed our cows with preservative-free feed.

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Siuruan Kanila

Siuruan Kanila Siuruan Kanila is a small family business located in Yli-Siurua. Our farm is a diverse smallholding. We produce rabbit meat with ethical principles. Our business started with our own needs. Our main priority is that we use everything our rabbits have to offer that way we don’t have to throw anything in the bin. Our rabbits are fed with high-quality Finnish pellet, hay, sticks, and in the summer, willowherb. We don’t use any additives in our rabbits’ diet. The carbon footprint in the production of rabbit meat is very small compared to the carbon footprint of beef production.
We recycle all our rabbits’ waste and we use the waste to better our soil on, the farm. With Tuba , we share mutual passion on reducing wastage and we appreciate they favouring local small producers. We think these matters are the key to preserving the countryside and protecting our environment for future generations.

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