Father’s Day Brunch

Tuba's Father's Day brunch

Settings at 12:00 and 14:30

Mushroom soup L, G
- rye croutons flavoured with truffles Veg

Smoked salmon (Norway) M, G
- devilled eggs and salmon caviar M, G

Elk carpaccio M, G
- cheese flavoured with wine and herbs
- spinach
- dried lingonberries

Broccoli and cauliflower in garlic sauce L, G

Lemony potato salad Veg, G

Finnish squeaky cheese and roasted bell pepper L, G

Pickled cucumber Veg, G

Green salad and lingonberry vinaigrette Veg, G

Tuba’s bread and spreads

Salmon and European perch rolls in sour cream and dill sauce L, G

Siurua’s rabbit casserole in blackcurrant sauce M, G
- roasted potatoes Veg, G

Seitan in greek style cheez sauce Veg
- tomato rice Veg, G

Florian’s Fruitcake

Ice cream, meringue, berries & warm chocolate sauce

Coffee and tea

Price: 34,00 €
Children: 1,5€ / years of age (under 12 years old)