Tuba’s friday evenings are filled with afterwork feel in the form of a burger buffet! Toast your bun, complement it with the fillings of your choosing, enjoy and if you feel like it, repeat. The fillings available give you the chance to fill your burger in over five million different ways! Vegan diet has also been taken into account in the buffet.
We recommend booking a table in advance.


    • Locally produced hamburger buns ( also available gluten-free +2€),
      that you can heat up on our grill and after that move on to fill it with some of these fillings

      Viskaali's ground beef patties M, G
      Pulled pork M, G
      Seitan kebab VEG
      Oven baked vegetables M, G

      A selection of cheeses L, G
      Vegan cheese VEG, G
      A selection of mayonnaises L, G
      Chili sauce VEG, G
      Salad, tomato and red onion VEG, M, G
      Jalapenos and pickles VEG, M, G
      Roasted  minced onion VEG, M
      Coleslaw M, G
      Marinated vegetables  VEG, G

      Roasted potatoes VEG, G

      Dessert and coffee are included in the price

      Students -10%