Daily hand baked buns, local quality beef, fresh ingredients, innovative solutions and expertise are our secret for making the best burgers in Oulu. All of our burgers are also available as a vegetarian version with Tuba’s own seitan patty or a black bean patty.

Burgers & Deli

Tuba Deluxe 3 (L) 18,50 €
160g beef patty, bacon, mature cheddar, parmesan mayonnaise, aioli, lettuce, tomato & red onion

OG Smash (L) 16 €,
with two patties 19 €
100g smash patty, bacon, double cheddar cheese, Tuba's burger mayonnaise, fried onions & pickles

Lucifer (L) 19 € really hot
160g beef patty, triple cheddar cheese, reaper sauce, chili mayonnaise, jalapenos, lettuce & tomato

Dr. Robotnik 2.0 (L, also available Veg) 18,50 €
Tuba's falafel or seitan patty, cheddar cheese, lime aioli, paprika sauce, lettuce, fried onions & tomato

Chocobo (L) 19,50 €
Chicken breast fillet, fried goat cheese, peach devil's jam, aioli, arugula & tomato

Tuba Cheese (L) 11,90 €
100g beef patty, cheddar, Tuba’s fry sauce, French's mustard & pickles

Skidi (M) 9 € (incl. fries)
Beef patty, Tuba’s fry sauce, ketchup, lettuce & tomato

Fries + a dip (Veg, G) 7 €
Sweet potato fries + a dip (Veg, G) 8,5 €


Gluten free roll +2 €
Extra cheese +2 €
Extra bacon +2 €
Extra beef patty +5 €
Extra chicken or cod +5 €

L = lactose-free
VL = low lactose
M = dairy-free
Veg = vegan
Pizza bianco = no tomato sauce
Origin of the used meats, Finland