For the slow mornings, joyful reunions or for an effortless feast,
come and enjoy Tuba’s Saturday Brunch!



Brunch Menu of the week

On Saturday 18th of January we are serving brunch!
We recommend a reservation
. Settings at 12 and 2pm

Bacon pie L
Spinach omelette LL, G

Chicken salad & caesar sauce L, G
Greek feta salad Veg, G
Roasted chili root vegetables & beans Veg, G
Green salad & herb vinaigrette Veg, G

Roasted spicy chicken legs & mango and habanero sauce M, G
Kale and quinoa patties & chipotle mayo Veg, G
Seitan nuggets & buffalo hot sauce Veg
– roasted potatoes Veg, G
– tzatziki L, G
– sour cream & onion -sauce L, G

Tuba’s sour dough focaccia
– garlic spread cheese L, G
– hummus Veg, G
– butter L, G

Fresh fruits Veg, G
Smoothie Veg, G
Turkish yogurt & Tuba’s granola L, G
Patissier’s berry pie L

Brunch menu 19,50€ / guest

Students -10%
Kids under 12 years, 1,5€/year of age
You are warmly welcome!  

Table reservations from here

Mannenkatu 2 90130 OULU