For the slow mornings, joyful reunions or for an effortless feast,
come and enjoy Tuba’s Saturday Brunch!



Brunch Menu of the week

Welcome to our Pride-week to enjoy a lovely Brunch with special Rainbow pancakes!  ♥
We recommend a table booking. Settings at 12 and 14.


Sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese omelette VL,G
Chicken salad & caesar sauce L,G
Grecian feta salad Veg,G
Roasted eggpant & pomegranate salsa Veg,G
Green salad & herb vinaigrette Veg,G

Cale-cvinoa patties & chipotle mayonnaise Veg,G
Roasted spicy chicken & mango-habanero sauce M,G
Seitan nugetts & buffalo hot sauce Veg
-roasted potatoes Veg,G
-Tzatziki L,G
-Sour cream & onion -sauce Veg,G

Tuba’s bread
-Herb cream cheese L,G
-Hummus Veg,G
-Butter L,G

Fresh fruits
Rainbow pancakes
-whipped cream (saa myös veg)
-marinated blueberries Veg,G
-maple syrup Veg,G
-caramel sauce L,G
-roasted and crumbled bacon M,G

Juice, flavoured water
Coffee, tea

Brunch menu 19,50€ / guest

Students -10%
Kids under 12 years, 1,5€/year of age
You are warmly welcome!  

Table reservations from here

Mannenkatu 2 90130 OULU