For the slow mornings, joyful reunions or for an effortless feast,
come and enjoy Tuba’s Saturday Brunch!



Brunch Menu of the week

Welcome to our Oktober Brunch on Saturday the 26th of October!
We recommend a reservation
. Settings at 12 and 2pm

Creamy omelette with chives L, G
Chickpea and kale salad Veg, G
Potato salad L, G
Traditional mushroom salad L, G
Green salad with herb vinaigrette Veg, G

Selection of sausages M, G
Over cooked schweinshaxen (pork) M, G
Soy curry wurst Veg, G
Roasted spicy garlic potatoes Veg, G
– house made Dijon mustard Veg, G
– aioli

Sour bread focaccia M
– herb spread L, G
– butter L, G

Apple strudel L
Cheesecake L
Yogurt & granola L, G
Fruits Veg, G

Brunch menu 20,00€ / guest (+5€ with microbrewery beer)

Students -10%
Kids under 12 years, 1,5€/year of age
You are warmly welcome!  

Table reservations from here

Mannenkatu 2 90130 OULU